Act Like You Are Successful… Why Am I Acting?

One of the hardest concepts for me to get was when successful people would tell you to “Act like you are Successful”.   WHAAAAAT?

So am I supposed to go out and buy things I can’t afford or what?  How can I ACT successful when I am NOT successful.  That’s what I used to think when I’d hear this statement.

Well, I’d like to clarify what is meant when you hear “Act like you are Successful”, even before you have received the material things of success.

If you read about or talk to anyone who has achieved lasting success, they are doing things YOU can do right now no matter your level of success.

1. You must have an undying self-belief that you will be successful.  Not a “I think I can do that”, but a total and complete “of course I can do that!”  And visualize your success daily.

2.  You must create a positive mindset.  This is done by becoming a continual learner.  Our minds have a tendency to focus on the negative so we need to retrain our minds into being positive, think positively by listening to audios and reading self development books daily.  You can start by listening to people like Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins.

3.  Doing affirmations is another way to retrain your thoughts and beliefs.  This became popular years ago from the movie The Secret.  Vision boards also came out of this movie where you have pictures of things you want to achieve and you can see them daily.  Affirmations must be done in the present also.  Our subconscious mind is what we are retraining and our subconscious mind only understands present tense.  However, affirmations without action are totally worthless.  So take action daily.

4.  You must create goals and consistently take action toward those goals.  And your goals should be something you can comprehend.  Not a goal to make a $1 million within the next year if you’ve never made close to a $1 million dollars before, but maybe your goal is to start building a list and get X number of people on that list this month.  Then make weekly and daily goals of what you’ll need to do to make that monthly goal happen.

5.  Whatever you do, you must add value to the world and the people in it.  The more value you add, the more will come back to you.

6.  You must be confident both inside and out.   You do that by doing the things above and building your self esteem.

Here are some quotes from leaders in Network and Internet Marketing and their thoughts on what they mean when they hear or say “act like you are successful”.

Aron Parker – Network Marketer for 16 years (failing the first 12) who has earned $20,000 in commissions in 10 weeks and loves teaching his team how to get online results.

“I think the most important concept with this is having the right mentality. If you think you’re broke or not successful, then you’re going to stay that way. That’s just the reality. The most important concept is you have to start acting as if you were already successful. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, but you can dream build. You can go test drive the car. You can go to the dealership and touch the car or look at the car. In your conversations with people you can have the confidence as if you were making 10,000 a month. You must already have the feeling and the confidence that it is there and then it will come.

And finally it’s what you do on a daily basis. Look at anyone who is making 10,000 a month. They are acting a certain way, they are doing certain things. You have to do those things first and then you’ll create a certain level of success.”

 Michelle Pescosolido – Known as the Facebook Queen.  She specializes in helping people build online businesses using Facebook

“It means adopt the mindset of a successful person.”

 Larry Hochman – Successful counselor, marketer, has a degree in psychology and is owner of

“Act like you’re successful in what you’ve already accomplished…because you have. Then get hungry for more!”

Ray Higdon – Industry Leader in Network Marketer specializing in helping marketers recruit more reps, get more leads and become top earners

“Head up, shoulders back, don’t speak softly, don’t act timid, in a nutshell stop requiring the approval of others”


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2 thoughts on “Act Like You Are Successful… Why Am I Acting?

    1. You are right Jeremy! The “focus heavily” and take action part is what trips people up. There is no success without work! And if you look at successful people, they all do have some of the very same traits no matter where they find their success.


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