Creating a Video Using Simple 3 Step Formula

Creating a Video Simple 3 Part FormulaCreating a video for your business is not as simple as turning on the camera and start talking. It does require a little pre-planning.

What are you trying to do with the video….what is your wanted result? Do you want to brand yourself so people get to know you? Do you want to have people sign up on your list? Do you want people to buy something you have for sale? Do you want to direct people to your blog or Facebook page?

When you are creating a video presentation…

you have to know what you want the result to be. Once you know your wanted result, then you can follow my simple 3 step formula for creating a video. Check it out below:

Creating a Video for Youtube or Something Else?

Whether you’re creating a video for Youtube, Facebook, your blog or anything else, following this formula will have you achieving the results you’re looking for.

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2 thoughts on “Creating a Video Using Simple 3 Step Formula

  1. Great post Leslie….really liked the video! I really need to take that leap and start making videos…great tutorial for us learning!

    1. Thanks Leticia! Video is definitely something to add to your tool kit. I have a great video on my Youtube Channel that shows you how to start creating video even if you’re uncomfortable getting in front of the camera. That might help get you started. You can see it here

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