Creating a Video Without Being on Camera

Creating a videoThe biggest obstacle and objection people have with creating a video is that they don’t want to be on camera.

Although, that is something almost everyone experiences when they first start creating videos, most people get comfortable being in front of the camera with practice.

Creating video clips

One way to get comfortable being in front of the camera is by creating video clips just for yourself.  Pick up your phone, press record and start talking.  Just keep practicing until you get comfortable with being on camera.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  In fact, people are more attracted to you if they can relate to you.  And being perfect isn’t really relateable.

But what if you still can’t bring yourself to creating a video with your face on it.  Below, I’ve given you some great ways to still create great videos without being on camera or at least being really small.

Creating a Video Online

There are also services that can help you in creating a video online like Animoto. However, many of these services do charge a monthly or yearly fee.

If you want to get fancy creating a video intro, you can do that either by outsourcing it or creating it yourself with a service like IntroChamp.

But really all you need to do is grab your phone and hit the record button.  Even when creating a video for Youtube, it doesn’t have to be fancy.  It can just be of you talking or doing a screen capture.

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22 thoughts on “Creating a Video Without Being on Camera

  1. Thanks for sharing Leslie! Great tips & screencast o matic sounds like a very useful tool.

    1. Screencast-o-matic is very handy. It’s got some great features for being such an inexpensive tool. Thanks Kim for stopping by.

  2. Great post Leslie and I love the look of your blog! Very clearn and professional looking!

    The steps you outlined are easy to follow, implement, and a newbie can do as well!

    BTW you are a natural on camera – looking forward to seeing more of your videos!

    Dr. Lisa

    1. Thanks Dr. Lisa! The newbies struggle so much with videos I wanted to show a quick easy way for even the most camera shy to be able to create videos. And thanks again for the compliments. You rock! 🙂

  3. I really struggle with video … guess I’ll need to shoot a lot and work out what works and what doesn’t!

    1. Start out doing some that you don’t even post, Jeremy. Then just do the ones with you not on camera. And remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Some marketers include their bloopers in their videos. If you need anything, you know where to find me. I know you can do it.

  4. i think it’s will give opportunities for people who are interested in making movies or so. Its also a great way to projects and presentations.
    Thank Leslie for sharing.

    1. You are welcome Mahbub!

      A great way to get started and as you said do presentations also.

  5. I need more practice in front of the camera … thanks for the motivation!

    1. Absolutely Reba!

      Practice is definitely the way to get more comfortable. Another tip would be to not be overly critical of yourself. 🙂

  6. I don’t have a problem being on the camera, although most of the videos that I make don’t feature myself in them. My biggest problem is my voice, which doesn’t sound really well on the camera and I don’t really have a lot of ways of improving it. Tried a lot of audio editor, but Audacity done the best job of getting me a better voice.

    Video is easy. Audio is hard.

    1. Linda, thanks for the comment. People are always harder on themselves. Getting comfortable with how you look and sound is a huge hurdle for most people.

      You are who you are. Attraction Marketing is all about attracting people to you. Your voice might be the exact thing that attracts someone to you. Something to consider.

    1. Rama, there are so many ways to create a video. And it is a really quick way to create value for your audience. You can take your video and upload it to Youtube and also upload it to your blog and create a post around it.

      That’s two different pieces of content. You can then create an audio from it and there’s a third piece.

      All from a quick 2 or 3 minute video.


    1. Yes it is. And if you can get in front of the camera, it helps you brand yourself also.

    1. Happy to help Susan! The more you do video, the more comfortable you’ll get.


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