I Just Want Some Training

Do you feel like people are always trying to sell you something during a training session?  What’s the selling all about.  Sure people are trying to make a buck but what else is going on.  You should watch this.

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6 thoughts on “I Just Want Some Training

  1. Sometimes the products can help you … but there are a lot of snake oil sellers out there. Every training session should contain some actionable advice without having to buy something, imo
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    1. I absolutely agree with you Reba. And the good trainers always provide value and something that is actionable….at least the ones that I hang out with. Based on that value is when you can decide to go forward with a purchase if one is presented or just take what you’ve learned and go use it.

    1. The point is that the action the training may tell you to take, many people are not willing to take and then they decide that the training is no good.

      You have to be responsible for your own actions and results and not blame someone else for your lack of success.


    1. Doantai, I think it’s ok for some trainings to contain something to buy. It doesn’t have to be over the top and in your face but buying some products can further your own training. And people do make a living by selling things, not only on the internet but everywhere. You should definitely mix selling with providing value. That works best.


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