I’m Not Doing That…I Heard It Doesn’t Work!

How many times have you come across training that you say to yourself when you’re done going through it “I’m not doing that because it might not work?” or “I heard that doesn’t work anymore?”  (And this is assuming you actually go through the training you bought).

You’ve already decided that it’s not going to work WITHOUT taking action and trying it for yourself. Who said it wouldn’t work? If you really are truthful in answering that question, you’ll soon realize that the people saying this or that won’t work are the people who have never done it.

I get it because I was there myself and still find myself occasionally falling into that same ignorant trap.

Well, I’m hear to tell you to STOP DOING THAT!

Here is a little experience I just had that will show you what I mean.  On 9/14, a little over two weeks ago, I started running a Facebook ad campaign to get likes to my Fan page.  Click here to check out my fan page and give it a like The course I was following said to use 6 pictures in my ad.  So I used these 6 pictures.


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I threw the lady on the beach with a laptop in as a last minute addition because I thought “everybody uses that type of beach picture.  I’m sure people are sick of it and nobody will click on it.”  I actually think I heard someone say that online about those types of beach laptop pictures.

Next, the course said to place the ad in the right hand column, on the desktop and in mobile.  Well, I thought again “who is really going to click on my ad in mobile for a like.  I’ll save a little cash and not put it on mobile.”

So my ad for likes goes live with a $10/day budget.  It starts out a little slow.  I received 28 likes in 3 days and spent $25.  Holy crud that is 89 cents a like.   It would have been very easy for me to throw in the towel at that point.  But, I contacted the course author on the private Facebook group and asked what to do.  Her comment “Add Mobile”.  OK, so much for not following her instructions.

Three key points here: 1) Ask for help 2) Follow the course and don’t decide you know better half way through it. 3) Don’t give up at the first sign of failure.  Stay focused and keep working on that one thing until you have mastered it.

OK, so I added mobile like she instructed and since then I’ve gotten, as of today, 335 likes and my likes are down to 55 cents per like.  And 302 of the likes have come from… MOBILE!  Who would have thought?   And here is the ad that has gotten all 302 likes in mobile…

FB likes ad

Yup, it’s the lady on the beach with the laptop.  So at this point, I hope you are getting it.  The things that I “heard” or thought wouldn’t work, actually ended up being what has been the most successful for me.

I’m headed back to Facebook land to continue my advertising quest.  Working on an ad to get subscribers to my list and playing around with promoted posts.

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11 thoughts on “I’m Not Doing That…I Heard It Doesn’t Work!

  1. Hi Leslie,

    Nice one! It’s great when it all comes together especially when you can support like that from your mentor too. As you say, buy a course, do ALL of the course.

    The problem I have is a little different. I have a partner who does not BELIEVE. According to her, all internet marketing is a scam, everyone is just ripping off everybody else and it can’t work. This severely cramps what I can do at home and I have to steal odd minutes here and there to get anything done. Any good tips for convincing the most sceptical sceptic?

    Steven Lucas
    Steven Lucas recently posted…And so into AutumnMy Profile

    1. Sorry about your situation Steven! That is tough. My husband is luke warm on the whole internet thing. Doesn’t really believe but doesn’t stop me from pursuing it.

      I’d say the only way to convince her is to see some success. Once she sees that and a few dollars coming rolling in she may come around.

      And continue to surround yourself with other believers and don’t talk to her about it. That way your mind stays focused on success and doesn’t let that failure mentality creep in.

      Good luck!


  2. Pretty woman images will trump every time. “Busy” images are a no-go for FB ads Like Lucas said, it is great when can actually ask questions about the steps from the seller.

    I was a bit confused about the six images. Were you using them for split testing?

    Significant “others” issues. There is not an easy answer. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people does wonders.

    You were smart to realize that just maybe, you should listen to what you need to do. You got some results with the way you decided to go, but adding mobile lessened your cost and increased your likes.

    1. Yeah Dawn,
      For once I listened and it saved me the money I was trying to save initially with doing the shortcut of no mobile.

      When you do a Facebook ad and optimize it for likes, FB allows you to put in up to 6 pics and they pick which ones are shown based on their algorithm. So some of my 6 pics have never seen the light of day through FB.

      It is kind of a uncontrolled split test :-).

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. ‘Uncontrolled’ split test…hmmm..interesting. Anyway, good that it was a great choice. Guess their system knows better???!!! ;p Thanks for the pointers. #3 ringing in my head now. Shall keep going. Surround ourselves with likeminded and positive energy boost our morale and keep us going, especially important during trying times. Thanks for being in my environment Leslie. I appreciate it. Wishing you great success in this journey too.

    To your Abundance, Sandy 🙂

    1. Hey Sandy,
      Good to have you here again. Definitely don’t give up. Stay focused and work on mastering that one skill that brings you traffic, followers and eventually sales.

      Like minded people will be the one thing that will get you through. You can do this!!!!

      Thanks for being in my environment as well. And if you ever need anything, remember I’m here to help.


  4. Two things:

    1) Not enough people test assumptions these days … Tim Ferriss themed much if the 4 hour work week around this concept

    2) I never realized how big mobile is right now. Makes me feel like a dinosaur with just my laptop1
    Jeremy recently posted…Top 5 Resume Writing TipsMy Profile

    1. Yeah, I was totally shocked Jeremy that mobile was that huge. The more research I do, the more that mobile seems to be a huge player in the Facebook ad market. Or at least for likes campaigns.

      And I will admit, I check Facebook frequently on my phone 🙂


    1. As an internet marketer, you have to be a risk taker…at least a little bit. Trying new things until you figure out which works for you is a must!

      Thanks Sayid for stopping by!


  5. Hi lesliez,

    I totally agree with you, we meet several such people who say it doesn’t work even they never tried it.

    I surprised why people show interest to give their advice when they never tried. What’s the problem to say simple they never tried this platform, you can give a try and see results.

    Once a time, I meet a lady when I am going to interview, I asked address, she said to me, it is very far from here. Then I hired a rickshaw to reach at right location. I surprised we reached exact location in one minute.

    I was angry at that lady why she didn’t say I don’t know you can ask from someone.

    Sometime is better to say No rather than yes.

    Jyoti Chauhan recently posted…Complete Guide of Domain Authority – How to Improve It?My Profile

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