Online Marketing Tools For Small Business

Online Marketing Tools can help build an online presence, automate tasks, brand you and in general find easier ways to do things for your online business.  Remember, the biggest things you want to do for your business everyday is grow your audience, grow your brand, get people to see your content you provide and help people.  If you do that, the money will follow.

I have discussed 11 of the tools I use, what I use them for, where you can get them and whether they cost anything. I don’t know if these are the best online marketing tools, but they are the best tools I found that work for me.

Many of these tools can be used for free or they have some functionality that is free and if you are looking for advance features then you may have to pay.

Here is a recap of my list of marketing tools:

Build an Online Presence and Brand Yourself

Social Media Tools

Grow Social Media Audience and Automate Posts

Create and Edit Videos

Screen Captures

Create Funnels including Capture Pages and Sales Pages

Autoresponder for Automating Email and List Building

Create Custom Images

Free Royalty Free Images

Sync Files between Mobile Phone and PC. Also can be used as extra storage.

Outsourcing Site to Hire Freelancers

There are other tools that I use that may not be included in this list. I guess I’ll have to make another video at some point to discuss them.

Did you like this post or have a marketing tool you use that is not on my list?  If so, please leave a comment below and share on Facebook


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