NoSEOI have tried a million different times (ok, so that is a slight exaggeration) to get my websites, blog posts and videos ranked using SEO.  My latest attempt was my Google Hangout for The Quick Start Challenge.  And yes, once again I failed to achieve any ranking…not just on the first page or two, but anywhere.  I can’t find my video anywhere.

An “expert” explained in their webinar that Google Hangouts were EASY to rank, even with the hardest, most competitive keywords.  Afterall, it is Google’s own property so they should give priority to Google Hangouts.  Seemed to make sense…

He explained how to do it.

1. Create your Hangout and schedule it for the future with your keyword in the title and the description.

2. Grab either the Hangout link or the Youtube link as it is automatically added to your Youtube account.

3. Immediately, create a brief post in Blogger, Tumblr and with the keyword in the title.  Add the Youtube or Hangout link and add an authority link like Wikipedia.

4.  Bookmark your 3 blogs with about 20-25 bookmarks.

5. Do your Hangout

He said you would rank for your keyword within a few days, possibly a couple weeks for really competitive keywords.  Sometimes you rank before your Hangout has even been recorded.

Well, I did as directed with my keyword, The Quick Start Challenge.  And once again, I fail to rank anywhere.

Now I’m not saying it doesn’t work for some people, but SEO sucks and I’m over it.

I have spend hours upon hours trying to successfully rank using SEO strategies.  And I have fallen flat every time except for my Nuwave Oven blog…and I’m not exactly sure how I did that.  I know I know….  And that was short lived because Google did their new algorithm and BOOM, no more ranking.  I’D LIKE TO BE IN CHARGE OF MY OWN DESTINY, THANK YOU!

So, I’ve decided I’m good with not being any good at ranking using SEO.  I need to focus on other avenues to bring in an audience to my blog.  So I will focus more on relationship building including blog and forum posting and social media.

I’m good with sucking at SEO because I realize I can’t be good at everything and when I was doing SEO I hated it.  And I am currently following very successful internet marketers that are well into the seven figures and they don’t do SEO either.  I figure I’m in good company.

I’ll be focusing my energies on things I like and enjoy…or at least don’t hate 🙂

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