SEO Sucks! But I’m Good With That

NoSEOI have tried a million different times (ok, so that is a slight exaggeration) to get my websites, blog posts and videos ranked using SEO.  My latest attempt was my Google Hangout for The Quick Start Challenge.  And yes, once again I failed to achieve any ranking…not just on the first page or two, but anywhere.  I can’t find my video anywhere.

An “expert” explained in their webinar that Google Hangouts were EASY to rank, even with the hardest, most competitive keywords.  Afterall, it is Google’s own property so they should give priority to Google Hangouts.  Seemed to make sense…

He explained how to do it.

1. Create your Hangout and schedule it for the future with your keyword in the title and the description.

2. Grab either the Hangout link or the Youtube link as it is automatically added to your Youtube account.

3. Immediately, create a brief post in Blogger, Tumblr and with the keyword in the title.  Add the Youtube or Hangout link and add an authority link like Wikipedia.

4.  Bookmark your 3 blogs with about 20-25 bookmarks.

5. Do your Hangout

He said you would rank for your keyword within a few days, possibly a couple weeks for really competitive keywords.  Sometimes you rank before your Hangout has even been recorded.

Well, I did as directed with my keyword, The Quick Start Challenge.  And once again, I fail to rank anywhere.

Now I’m not saying it doesn’t work for some people, but SEO sucks and I’m over it.

I have spend hours upon hours trying to successfully rank using SEO strategies.  And I have fallen flat every time except for my Nuwave Oven blog…and I’m not exactly sure how I did that.  I know I know….  And that was short lived because Google did their new algorithm and BOOM, no more ranking.  I’D LIKE TO BE IN CHARGE OF MY OWN DESTINY, THANK YOU!

So, I’ve decided I’m good with not being any good at ranking using SEO.  I need to focus on other avenues to bring in an audience to my blog.  So I will focus more on relationship building including blog and forum posting and social media.

I’m good with sucking at SEO because I realize I can’t be good at everything and when I was doing SEO I hated it.  And I am currently following very successful internet marketers that are well into the seven figures and they don’t do SEO either.  I figure I’m in good company.

I’ll be focusing my energies on things I like and enjoy…or at least don’t hate 🙂

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18 thoughts on “SEO Sucks! But I’m Good With That

  1. Interesting Leslie. True that there seems to be a lot of hype about SEO. There are indeed many come out with different strategies on how to get ranked while there are also handful from another camp that say don’t bother about SEO, focus on good content and REACH instead. Guess that takes away some stress from us and focus our attention on this other ‘stress’ instead 😀 Would love to continue to hear more from you. Wishing you great success n breakthroughs! To your Abundance!
    Sandy Tan recently posted…Is Upselling really a better option?My Profile

    1. It is funny Sandy, there does seem to be stress in one place or the other. I guess you kind of pick your pain.

      But if there is going to be stress, I might as well enjoy what I’m doing while I’m stressing.

      Thanks for stopping by and the good well wishes!


  2. yeah i have never tried the hangout option but I have ranked for keywords within a few minutes leave alone days or weeks. One of the best ways to rank for a keyword is through youtube videos embeded on your website.

    Rank the videos and in turn automatically rank your blog post

    1. Hey Josh,
      I’m glad to hear you’ve had positive SEO experience. As you’ve read, my Youtube/Hangout experience didn’t fair so well.

      All the keyword research and link building seem to just drive me crazy.

      I’ll stick to the relationship building for traffic generation.


  3. I would love to add here Leslie.

    Well, it is not related to the Hangouts but related to videos that we upload on YouTube.

    The title and description should have your keyword.

    The video that you are uploading to youtube should have your keyword as filename.

    Use no more than 3 tags which should also consist of keywords.

    As soon as your video is uploaded, share it on social media.

    The most important, backlinking your video but not from external sites, but from YouTube. Go to related channels and comment on those channels.

    Your video will rank much faster than usual. This is my practice and I have ranked several videos within minutes if not seconds.
    Keyur Amin recently posted…How To Add Custom Sidebars For Each Category In WordPress?My Profile

    1. Thanks Keyur! I know some people are finding success with SEO. I’m glad you are.

      I think I’m more of the hire out the job and let the professionals do it. If I ever decide to go back to the dark side…SEO…I think I’ll just hire you 😉


  4. I really believe SEO is like a betting strategy; always trying to outguess Google. Personally, I don’t get too wrapped up in it.

    It is time consuming and the benefits of doing it by yourself can be overwhelming. You are on the right path Lesliez; it may not happen overnight but your persistence will pay off in the long run.

    1. Persistence Dawn is the toughest part of working online to make an income.

      Be persistent with the strategies you working day after day.

      That is why people fail frequently….they lose sight of why they have to be persistent and fall back into their lazy ways.

      I still fight that several times a week.

      So important to know what your goals are and why they are important. My family is my WHY!


  5. You are right. SEO sucks bananas. I would rather roll in chocolate covered thumb tacks then do a day’s worth of back linking. That is why SEO companies do so well. No one wants to do it. I gave up and now outsource the painful stuff.

    1. Scott, I am with you 110%. And thanks for the laugh and the image of chocolate covered thumb tacks :-))


  6. Hey there Leslie……I haven’t got into the SEO as yet….yeh I’ve been told its a pain in the a*se…but I think its still worth a try….are you using any plugins to help you along your way…..I’m about to put ‘pushbutton SEO’ onto my blog and add in a few pages… concentrate on boosting my posts….which at the moment are pretty light weight….but good for a starter!!!!I’ll keep you posted :)…thanks for visiting my blog and leaving some comments….talk soon…

    ps I’ve got a couple of other questions that I’ll run past you in you contacts areas
    Shane recently posted…Create A Blog – Video TipsMy Profile

    1. Shane,
      Good luck with your SEO. I do suck at it so I’m not wasting any more time with it.

      Hopefully, you will see success. And if you do, stop by and tell me about it.


  7. Unfortunately your story sounds all too familiar Leslie!

    Especially the part about really going the extra mile to put the work in and as you point out, your blog post or video, or in your particular case, your Hangout is nowhere to be found!

    Oh the pain, the pain!

    And yet, as you mentioned, there are several big name six, seven and eight figure earners that readily admit, they simply don’t bother with all this on and off page SEO stuff.

    Yet their content ranks all over the first two pages of Google! What’s up with that?

    Your outsourcing idea sounds good to me as well!LOL!

    But seriously, if a seasoned pro and total realist such as yourself is finding it hard to get results following some the advice, we’ve all come across at some point online.

    What realistic chance does a misinformed total newbie stand? Thanks so much for taking the bloom off the rose!

    Ah yes, reality at last!Thanks so much sharing the really good stuff!
    Mark recently posted…Business Opportunities: Just Because They’re Everywhere Doesn’t Mean You have To Squander Them!My Profile

    1. Mark,
      The rose is still there, but there are definitely thorns to be dealt with.

      It comes down to what is the best use of your time. Me bashing my head against the SEO wall is not good use of my time.

      Where if someone is techie and really enjoys the challenge, they may see some success.

      We are trying to build a business to create freedom. I don’t want to do that with something I hate.

      And newbies have a chance because there are great people on the web that will help them build their business with out SEO. The trick is to find them 🙂


  8. Hey there Leslie yep everything you read about SEO seems easy it worked for the gurus but if we try to do it it sucks. I have never had much success with anything SEO so do not spend much time there. I am sure I have brought stuff that told me how to do it but like you I followed the steps and got zero results.
    So like you I am searching for other ways to find traffic. Improving my funnels to grow my list is where I am spending time.
    Thanks for your great post
    Jenelle Livet recently posted…Another sale today but my traffic experiment failedMy Profile

    1. Jenelle,
      To be honest, I’m alittle all over the board on my traffic efforts. I need to really focus and make something happen.

      There seems to be a million things to do as I set up my business.

      So I need to sit down and put together a plan and follow it. Once I come up with that plan, I’ll put it in a post and we’ll see how it goes.

      Good luck to you with your traffic.


  9. I suck at SEO too. That’s why I only concentrate on social media marketing and content marketing.
    Mike Huiwitz recently posted…Zygor GuidesMy Profile

    1. I’m there with you. Thanks for stopping by.


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