Challenge Ending…Bigger Challenge Beginning

This week the Quick Start Challenge ended.  Now the bigger challenge will begin.

Continue to do the things Dean taught us in the challenge.  Continue to grow my business. Continue to update my blog.  Continue to get traffic.  Continue to grow my list.  Continue to progress.

But I and my fellow QSC members are not alone!  As we have an awesome Facebook community of very supportive people.  They provide help, encouragement, and someone to bounce ideas off of.

So, many of the pieces are in place for my success.  Not to mention my coaching program with Marc.  All that’s left is for me to stay focused on getting traffic for the next 90 days and building my list.  That is the biggest challenge…taking steady and consistent action. 

As I’ve heard before…this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Leave me comment below about what your biggest challenge is in your business.


Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Update

This is my update on the Quick Start Challenge for week 2.  It’s been super busy for me, but I did complete my challenge.  Although I could have been more aggressive in my traffic generation.  Two down and two to go.

Tip: Turn your phone sideways when recording to get a full screen video instead of what you see above. I need to take my own advice…

A Challenge May Be the Start You’re Looking For!

I have started on a new challenge in my business.  You know I’m already working with a coach and the roadmap he has laid out for me can be challenging enough, but I’ve also decided to join Dean Holland’s program… The Quick Start Challenge.  Dean is working with two partners on this program Craig Crawford and JF Garsula.  Learn what I discovered about this Challenge in the video below:

Pretty cool, right? Well, I’ll keep you posted on how things are going each week. Let me know what you think about this crazy adventure I’ve gotten myself into by commenting below. Continue reading

Quit Kicking Mentors to the Curb

We all love to hate gurus, but the honest gurus are exactly those people we should be learning from and being mentored by.  Everyone will meet their goals quicker if they learn from somebody who has been there and done that!  It’s also easy to learn from a mentor and then put off taking action.  Get an Accountability Partner to make sure you’re moving toward your goals.

Something else people hate is talking on camera.  Well, here’s my first video and before making it, I made a thousand excuses for why I couldn’t do it.  I was in my car making these excuses and I finally said “screw it” (seems to be a theme this week).  I put my cellphone on record and I recorded this video.  It won’t win me an Oscar and it’ll probably make a few people laugh at how amateurish it is but it’s done.  No more excuses.  I hope you enjoy it or at least realize you can do a much better job then me!