A few years ago…ok more like 5 years ago, after listening to a training about internet marketing and setting goals, I was pumped up!  You know how it is right after you listen or watch a really good training, how you’re ready to take on the world and tell everyone about it…  at least for a good hour before reality and doubt set in.


Well in this hour of euphoria, I made a promise to my kids that in 6 months we would go to Walt Disney World because surely by then my business online would be going gang busters.

I had no plan on what I was going to do to meet my goal for a week, let alone the 6 months.  I changed nothing I was doing and really took no action that would translate into money.  I continued to watch trainings, give some half hearted effort on what I learned.  Deem that it didn’t work and move on to the next training.  I really didn’t change my daily activities at all.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

~Albert Einstein

Yes, it was insane that I expected different results, but I did just because I said so.  Well, belief is great and a huge part of achieving your goals BUT SO IS TARGETED FOCUSED ACTION!

Well, we never went to Walt Disney World and my daughters let me know for years what a failure I was and how I had lied to them.  I was heart broken!  I never intended to disappoint my kids and I had in a big way.

This situation would have stopped a less stubborn person in their tracks.  They would have given up.  But I didn’t give up!

But if you continue to dabble in this strategy and that strategy without committing to one strategy and working on it until you master it, you will be destined to fail.

You can do this! You can build a successful business online!  You need to be focused!  You need to plan! 

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