What I Learned About My Business From Rice Krispie Treats

rice krispytreatsThis past weekend, I made Rice Krispie Treats for my daughter’s volleyball team.  My daughter and her friends think my Rice Krispies are the best.  And  some moms agree that they are better then they’ve had before.  The moms are asking what I do different that makes them so good.

The funny thing is that I just follow the recipe.  Maybe a few more marsh mellows and a little less Rice Krispies, but for the most part I just follow the recipe.

But for some reason, my Rice Krispies are amazing!

This got me thinking about a similar thing with business.  There are many different ways to build a business.  And people are making money in all of them.  So, many people can use the same steps or recipe, but only a few come up with the great results.

Why is that?

Sometimes it’s because people aren’t REALLY following the “recipe”.

They only do some of what was instructed or don’t do the steps exactly or start tweaking things before they’ve really tried it or they try it once and then say it doesn’t work.

You need to couple what feels right with a little common sense and a HUGE belief in your success.  Then jump in with both feet.  And having a mentor along the way can save you years of frustration.

Just like Kale in Rice Krispies is icky, don’t do anything that feels icky or that you wouldn’t want done to you.

And the final ingredient in the recipe of success….be consistent!


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