How To Remove Broken Dreams & CommentLuv Links

Dead BlogI recently went back through my comments to check on my fellow Quick Start Challenge (QSC) folks to see how they were doing.  When I started this blog, I was part of a much bigger community that was starting our online businesses together.  There seems to be comfort in crowds.  You can read about the QSC in my post A Challenge May Be The Start You’re Looking For.

So, I went back to see how my fellow QSCers were doing and much to my dismay, many of their blogs are either gone or haven’t been updated since the challenge ended or soon there after.

It is very sad that so many dreams were broken for people hoping to make it online.  These dreams were broken by a lack of follow through, lack of effort, life getting in the way or just giving into that tiny voice in their head saying “you’ll never be successful”.  Whatever happened, it is sad! Read the rest of this entry

How To STOP Blog Comment Spam


Stuart Miles –

There are a few things that can drive me crazy and comment spam is one of them.  But if you’re going to have a blog then you are going to have spam.  You just have to figure out how to deal with it.

A few months ago I read about a product on a blog,, that could STOP SPAM COLD!  So I figured I’d give it a try since I was getting several spam comments a day.  The best part of this product is that it is FREE and is a WordPress plugin.  Excellent! Read the rest of this entry

Hangout Cash Code Teaches How To Make Money

If you’re looking for a product that gives a basic explanation of Google Hangouts, you’ll be very disappointed.  On the other hand if you’re looking for MUCH MUCH MORE, then Hangout Cash Code is for you!

hangout cash code I personally know Chris Cole and Mark Salmon and expected a good product.  Both Chris and Mark are great guys.  But this product… blew me away!

They spend less then 1/2 of this course explaining how to use Hangouts.  They spend the rest of the time explaining how you can MAKE CASH with Hangouts. Read the rest of this entry

Solo Ads are one of those great, horrible….exciting, scary…expensive, economical….good, bad ways of getting traffic.

Everyone has an opinion about solo ads and whether they are a serious option for getting good traffic.  There are enough marketers and products out there that say solo ads are a good way to build a list, so I decided to buy some solo ads and test things for myself.  My results are below. Read the rest of this entry

6 Bloggers You Should Know!

I’ve mentioned blog commenting before and how it is a great way to get traffic to your website.  I thought today I’d give you a list of six of my favorite internet marketing bloggers so you can check them out.

I’ve learned a ton by reading these blogs and have had some great interactions as well.  I not only learn from what they have written, but I learn from how they interact with their blog visitors, social media fans and those on their list.

Read the rest of this entry

Get In Your Raft & Paddle

This is a reprint from a blog post I did from my first blog.  It still applies.

July 10, 2009
Whitewater RaftingEarlier this week I went white water rafting in Washington State. There were 5 people in the raft with a guide/instructor. We were asked if we wanted to go over a 14′ waterfall, told the pros and cons and given about a minute to make up our minds… Read the rest of this entry

Are You Afraid To Fail?

Human beings are funny.  Everything can be going great, knocking tasks off our to do list and the next minute….no motivation, can’t sit down at the computer.  And when I do sit down at the computer, I accomplish nothing on my to do list.  This was how the last couple of weeks has gone for me. Read the rest of this entry

How To Backup Your WordPress Blog – No Excuses!

I’m too busy.  I have to write another post.  Nothing will happen.  I have to take my dog for a walk.  WELL, THE EXCUSES STOP RIGHT HERE!  There’s too much at risk for you not to be backing up your blog.

Read the rest of this entry

Don’t Fall Into The Gap

Dan Sullivan  Avoid the GapIn the US, Memorial Day is all about looking back at those people in the military who have sacrificed to give us our freedom.  It’s about being thankful for not only those from the past but also those in our present.

In our lives we need to not only focus on our future goals but look at our past accomplishments.  Focus on how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished thus far.  Stop the continual feelings of failure by looking at how far you are from your goals.  We all spend too much time downplaying our skills, what we have to offer others and what we have accomplished. Read the rest of this entry

SEO Sucks! But I’m Good With That

NoSEOI have tried a million different times (ok, so that is a slight exaggeration) to get my websites, blog posts and videos ranked using SEO.  My latest attempt was my Google Hangout for The Quick Start Challenge.  And yes, once again I failed to achieve any ranking…not just on the first page or two, but anywhere.  I can’t find my video anywhere.

An “expert” explained in their webinar that Google Hangouts were EASY to rank, even with the hardest, most competitive keywords.  Afterall, it is Google’s own property so they should give priority to Google Hangouts.  Seemed to make sense…

He explained how to do it.

1. Create your Hangout and schedule it for the future with your keyword in the title and the description. Read the rest of this entry

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