Effective Online Marketing For Quick Results

Effective Online MarketingHow do I do effective online marketing for quick results is one of the most asked questions by new people to internet marketing.  Some would love to hear “just grab your magic wand” or “push this button” and bam results.  But that is not how it works.   Continue reading

Online Image Creator for Amazing Graphics

online image creatorThis online image creator is easy to use and generates amazing graphics to make your websites stand out and attract leads.  No need wasting time looking for photos you can use either.  It’s all here in this online graphic maker. Continue reading

Brand Yourself with Video and Look Good Doing It

Video is a great way to brand yourself and by following a few tips, you can create awesome looking videos like a pro.

Have you noticed people are moving away from shooting videos in studios with all that expensive equipment?  They are getting personal by shooting videos where ever they are and they’re using their phones.  That means anyone can be an expert on creating videos.  Check out some 3 of my video tips below. Continue reading

How To Find Your Missing Facebook Messages in The “Other” Folder

Facebook Other folderDid you know that Facebook is putting some of the direct messages people are sending to you in an “other” folder?  And if that’s not bad enough, there is also a second folder…. the “other other” folder that has missing messages in it as well.

Continue reading