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July 10, 2009
Whitewater RaftingEarlier this week I went white water rafting in Washington State. There were 5 people in the raft with a guide/instructor. We were asked if we wanted to go over a 14′ waterfall, told the pros and cons and given about a minute to make up our minds…

We didn’t have time to think about all the things that could go wrong. We basically had to grab our fear by the throat, trust our guide and the info he had given us and go for it! That was the point! We did not have time to worry about all that might go wrong.

This scenario isn’t very different from what happens with new internet marketers.  Unfortunately most new internet marketers spend way too much time thinking about what to do, what could go wrong, how they could fail, don’t set any goals and don’t have a trusted mentor/instructor to follow.  I’ve done all those things…

At some point, after getting a base of knowledge and/or finding a good mentor, you just have to go for it. Yes, you might fail and flip your raft over, but you learn from your mistakes and move forward. Failing is not easy, but just like the other 5 people in my raft, you are not alone.

Even your mentor will fail, they just know how to recover quicker and make adjustments.

Here is a key point. Get good at one thing before you jump to the next thing.

Most out there never really get any good at one specific thing. They distract themselves over and over again. They continue to be only 10% good at a ton of things, but never 90% good at one, very specific, thing…10% good is not good enough.     Eric Louviere

Your 90% good can be in PPC, website design, copywriting, driving free traffic, whatever you choose. The key here is once you are 90% good at it, there are a bunch of people out there that are 10% good at it and would love to partner with you or pay for your skill.

We went over that waterfall, scared but excited. One man fell out, but we all agree it was the ride of our lives…. Climb in your raft, find a mentor to help you paddle and TAKE ACTION!

Give yourself permission to fail because you will. Look at it like discovering the things that don’t work, so you are that much closer to success.

Start Paddling!!

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