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Today I had high hopes of accomplishing several things that were going to make a difference in my business.  I created my list of 3 things to do and was ready to roll.  I’d been away from my business for a few days due to a trip to the Emergency Room for my mother-in-law and a sporting event for one of my daughters.

I sat down at my computer and immediately started going through my email.  I checked out a couple of email offers, looked at a couple of blog posts…WHAT THE HECK WAS I DOING!  It was 1 1/2 hours later and I hadn’t touched my list of what I needed to get done for my business.  Now, I did have a lot of email, but come on….  And now I only had a half hour before a conference call started that I wanted to be on.  I had done it again…wasted a huge chunk of time moving myself no where closer to building my business.  

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve turned my good intentions of accomplishing business building activities into an email or facebook session.  Now, I tell myself that I was looking for business “opportunities” in my email or facebook.  Let’s call that what it is…Total And Complete Read the rest of this entry

Quit Kicking Mentors to the Curb

We all love to hate gurus, but the honest gurus are exactly those people we should be learning from and being mentored by.  Everyone will meet their goals quicker if they learn from somebody who has been there and done that!  It’s also easy to learn from a mentor and then put off taking action.  Get an Accountability Partner to make sure you’re moving toward your goals.

Something else people hate is talking on camera.  Well, here’s my first video and before making it, I made a thousand excuses for why I couldn’t do it.  I was in my car making these excuses and I finally said “screw it” (seems to be a theme this week).  I put my cellphone on record and I recorded this video.  It won’t win me an Oscar and it’ll probably make a few people laugh at how amateurish it is but it’s done.  No more excuses.  I hope you enjoy it or at least realize you can do a much better job then me!


More Turns Then A Rollercoaster…

250x250Thanks for stopping by and spending some time with me!  It’s Leslie Zengler here, from and welcome to my little piece of the internet pie.

So What’s My Story?

Well, my story isn’t a rags to riches one, but it does have a few twists and turns along the way.  I live in Indiana, just outside of Chicago, with my husband, two kids and our two dogs.  I enjoy sports which my kids are very active in, am a photographer wanna be, love traveling and love being outside (prefer my toes in warm beach sand vs being frozen off in snow).

I started in internet marketing about 2006.  Before that I worked as middle management for a technology company.  I had quit my job to spend more time with my two young kids.  It was supposed to be for a couple of months.  Unfortunately between, a downturn in the economy and the events of 9/11, I was unable to find a job.  So I began rehabbing rental properties with my sister.  We did that for about 3 years.   When the recession hit, our business collapsed. Read the rest of this entry