Brand Yourself with Video and Look Good Doing It

Video is a great way to brand yourself and by following a few tips, you can create awesome looking videos like a pro.

Have you noticed people are moving away from shooting videos in studios with all that expensive equipment?  They are getting personal by shooting videos where ever they are and they’re using their phones.  That means anyone can be an expert on creating videos.  Check out some 3 of my video tips below.

Video Creation Tips

Lighting for your video can make a huge difference in the appearance of you and the picture

Get rid of those black boxes on either side of your video with this quick tip

The most important tip is to have fun with your videos

And if you’re camera shy and don’t want to be on video, check out my post Creating a Video Without Being On Camera.  While you’re recording your video, there is a 3 step formula you should follow in every video you do.  You can get that formula in my post Creating a Video Using Simple 3 Step Formula

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2 thoughts on “Brand Yourself with Video and Look Good Doing It

  1. Hi Leslie,

    I do a lot of videos and these tips are awesome. I have jumped through hoops getting rid of the black boxes. Dugh……all I had to do was to turn the phone around. OMG I was laughing at myself with that tip.

    When it comes to lighting, I have it down in my office when creating products. But to do other videos for social purposes, I know the sun can be my greatest enemy. Indeed, overcast days are the best!

    And ALWAYS smile..have fun…goof up. It is so much better than talking with a straight face. Even on my products which are digital, I won’t edit the silly things I may say. I just correct myself and laugh at myself. People will laugh with me.

    Thanks for the tips and I’ll pass them along.


    1. Donna, thanks for stopping by and for the laugh on the black boxes…lol

      And I love that you leave the little screw ups in your videos. It makes you more relateable. People are not perfect and I think it helps people see that from people they are learning from.

      It helps attract people to you and your message.

      Really enjoyed your insight 🙂


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