How To Promote Your Content

How To Promote Your ContentDon’t just create content, learn how to promote your content as well.  I know what you’re thinking… “aaw man I don’t have the time to spend hours promoting my stuff.”  Then DON’T!

Take about 15 to 30 minutes and promote your content in the ways I mention in the video below.  Yes, you can get into way bigger and more in depth ways to promote.  But since my goal is to create content almost daily, the quick hit promo plan is best for me.

How To Promote Your Content

If you have more time to promote your content, then by all means do.  You are trying to get as many eyeballs on your content as possible.

You can use this for any content you create including your blog, video, article, podcast, Google hangout or webinar.

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22 thoughts on “How To Promote Your Content

  1. Great tips to help anyone get their message out better … awesome video!

  2. Thanks For Sharing, nice video and informative article.

  3. Hey Leslie,
    Nice video and informative post 🙂 Keep Rocking!!!

  4. Hello leslie, thanks for this article. really gave me ideas and insights to promote my content. i am a new blogger and it helped me a lot.

    1. Awesome Shilpa! Remember, it doesn’t matter how great your content is if no one sees it. Promoting is as important as creating content.

      If there’s anything else I can help with just let me know.

  5. Hi Leslie. I am a new blogger and your video helped me a lot to promote my content in less time. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Sukanya,
      You’re welcome! Content is important, but promoting it and getting people to see it is more important. Good luck!


  6. Thanks for giving us so much shine !!
    Great tips man! Worth reading. To be honest at first sight I thought you’ll use the same old tips people used to write on their blogs, but here I learnt some new things in this key Point, something out of the box!

  7. Hey, Leslie!
    I was searching for some ideas to promote content and I found your video very helpful. Thanks for the video and article. Looking forward to more such useful posts from you.

  8. Thanks Leslie Zengler , Great Tips , with awesome video . Thanks a lot . Very informative for everyone also me . Waiting for your next video , how long can i wait?

    Thanks and regards

    Teresa B. Schaefer

  9. Hello Leslie,
    Thank you for the tip on facebook groups. I shall explore this more.

    1. Facebook groups can be used not only to promote content but also to network.


  10. Nice article.

    As an amateur blogger, its is recommended to keep the screen time under 2 hours per day esp. if someone has already spent 6-8 hours on screen at work.

    Keep writing informative articles.


    1. Thanks Doctor Walter. I’m pretty sure I’m over the limit…lol


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