3 Biggest Lies in Internet Marketing

3 Biggest Lies in Internet MarketingWhat are the 3 biggest lies in internet marketing?  Well, before I address this, I’d like to set something straight.

There are a lot of very trustworthy marketers that have had great success.  They are providing amazing value and many of them are incredible mentors.   And they are the majority of marketers I’ve run into online.

But the bad marketers are out there.  And unfortunately they are spreading lies about online marketing  that many new online marketers believe.  If you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet, I’m sure you’ve heard them.

3 Biggest Lies in Internet Marketing

1. “You’ll Have to do NO Work” or “You’ll Get INSTANT Results” – There is no automated or instant way to set it and forget it and be successful.  It requires WORK.  You get out of it what you put into it.  But you can’t be doing just a bunch of busy work.  You need to be doing the right things…. the money making things.

If you want success online, you need to realize you are building a business.  Building a business takes dedication, hard work, education, the right mindset and time.  There is no shortcut, so stop looking for it.  Your success is TOTALLY up to YOU based on how dedicated you are.

2. “It’s Impossible to Fail” – The only thing that is IMPOSSIBLE is NOT to fail.  You will fail.  Failing is a natural part of any process.    When you were learning to ride a bike, you failed a bunch of times before you started flying along on your bike.  But with each fall or failure, you learned something until you mastered riding that bike.  Learning anything new is the exact same way…. including building an online business.

Having a mentor can help shorten the amount of time it takes you to build your business by eliminating SOME of the failures, but you’ll still make mistakes before you see success.

3.  “You Don’t Need to Talk to Anyone” – Marketing is a relationship business.  Being online, you may not have to talk to people face to face but you still need to interact with them either on the phone or via social media or both.

How do you expect to get people to buy from you without talking to them?  It won’t happen…. at least not enough to build a business.   People buy from people they know, like and trust.  The only way to do that is by building a relationship with them.

There is another lie that you also need to be aware of that can be more destructive then the previous three.  It doesn’t come from the online marketers but from your own family and friends.  And that lie is….

“All Network Marketing or Online Businesses Are a Scam”

You normally hear it from the people that are closest to you and are trying to protect you.  And that’s super sweet, but practically none of them have ever been in an online marketing business so they really are not the experts as to what is a scam or not.

Yes there are some scams out there just like there are bad people in the world.  That doesn’t make all people bad nor are all online businesses bad.

Bottom line:  Do your homework!  Check into the people and system you want to work with.  Ask about them in online groups you are a member of.  And don’t believe anything that sounds too good to be true.  In almost all cases…. IT IS!

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6 thoughts on “3 Biggest Lies in Internet Marketing

  1. Many people are talking lies on internet with many reasons, but you mention the points are very much founded.Thanks for talking.

  2. This is a very informative article about internet marketing and thanks for sharing it. Please keep it on.

  3. These people drive me nuts, but they appeal to people’s desire to do the minimum … and it’s scarily effective! Unfortunately for me, I have a soul and a conscience, so I couldn’t tell any of the lies talked about above…

    1. Hey Jeremy, good to hear from you again!

      What the “poor” marketers don’t understand is that you get much farther in your business and in life by helping people not hurting them.

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