Are You Using Your Genie?

genie bookIf you are not improving yourself each and every day with videos, audios or books, then you are missing the boat.

I used to scoff at this “self improvement” and mindset stuff.  I didn’t need that.  Really?

Every expert you listen to or learn from online will tell you that they read books or do something to continue learning and making themselves better.  If they are doing it, why would you scoff at it?

So after rejecting it for years or doing if half way, I jumped in and started reading, listening and watching.

At first I only did it 15 minutes a day.  But I wasn’t seeing any real improvement.  Then a mentor mentioned I should submerge myself into improving myself.  Listen and read for hours a day.

HOURS?  I don’t have time for that.  That was my initial reaction.  But I also believed I needed to get out of my own way and stop making excuses.  Here’s some ideas on how you can fit in hours of  reading, listening and watching into your day.


1.  Listen to audios and audio books in your car.  I bought an auxilary cable for my phone and plug right into my radio speakers.

2.  Grab some earphones and listen to audios while you do household chores like cleaning and cooking or while you exercise.

3.  Play a video/audio in the background on your computer while you are working on your computer doing other things.

4.  Grab your favorite beverage and go read or listen in your favorite chair or outside and enjoy yourself with some “you” time

5.  Whenever you would listen to some music or watch TV, listen to an audio or video instead.

6.  Get a pillow speaker and listen as you drift off to sleep.

These are just a few ways that you can get more learning time.  You do not have to be intently listening to the audio that is playing either.  If it is in the background, you are still getting value out of it.


There are a lot of places to find things to listen to and watch.  Here are a few ideas that should keep you learning for months.

1.  Youtube has a ton of videos that you can watch.  Grab a leader in your industry and listen.  Here’s a few people I listen to…. Jim Rohn, Diane Hochman, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar,  Joel Osteen, Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Prince Ea, Mateusz M, MotivationGrid, and I add more everyday.

2.  Ask in groups, online (social media) or ask someone in your company what people are listening to and reading.

3.  Go onto Amazon and look up books under self help, self improvement, mindset, success, money, happiness or any other category you want to learn about.

4.  If you are working with a mentor, ask them what they would suggest.

5.  Books that I’ve read or are on my list to read.  The book I’m currently listening to is The Genie Within.  This book is amazing and I can’t wait to read it a second time.  I know that sounds really geeky, but it is packed with so much cool stuff, I’ll need at least a second listen to catch it all.  This is the book that has turned by grumpy mood into a highly productive and enjoyable day on several occasions.

A lot of books I listen to because I’m a slow reader.  Here’s some more:  Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy, Go For No by Richard Fenton, The Habit Factor by Marin Grunburg, Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins, Getting Things Done by David Allen, 3 Keys to Greatness by Jim Rohn, You are a Badass by Jen Sincero, Go Pro by Eric Worre, Failing Forward by John Maxwell, Slight Edge Jeff Olson.

And don’t think you are one and done.  You can listen to things many times over and I encourage that.  It will help cement concepts into your brain.  Every time you listen to it, you’ll learn something new.  Some things I’ve listened to a dozen times.  You shouldn’t be thinking that I’ve already heard this!  You should be thinking what else can I learn.

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