Listen to What…Not Always How

Gurus, experts or experienced marketers are constantly giving you advice on what to do to build a successful business.  They are giving you this advice based on what they’ve been taught and what worked for them.

Most of the advice is similar with a slight twist on it from whatever marketer/expert is giving the advice.  I’d spend wasted time trying to do what the experts would say.  Then I’d beat myself up and feel guilty because I couldn’t do what they said.


When getting advice, try to listen for the meaning and then figure out if you can adjust the how to get the end result.

One piece of advice that I heard over and over again was to write down my goals in detail.  And put it somewhere you’ll see it everyday.   Well, I’d write down my goals but soon they would get buried on my desk, only to be discovered again a few weeks later.

So obviously this was not working for me.  But I understood why the experts wanted me to write down my goals and why they wanted me to see them everyday.  So I knew why I was making the sacrifices of building an online business.. even in the tough times.  Especially in the tough times.

I knew I needed to see my goals everyday so I tried to figure out how I would see it everyday.  What do I look at everyday…MY CELL PHONE!

So I put my brief goals as my wallpaper on my phone.  Now I see them everyday…multiple times a day.

Another piece of advice I heard over and over again was to stop watching TV at night and work on your business.  Well, at night I was exhausted and didn’t work very good.  It was really hard for me to do anything productive at night.

And PRODUCTIVE activities are usually the MONEY MAKING activities.

At night, I would read email and check Facebook to catch up on my groups I’m a part of.  But to do my productive work, I started getting up at 4 or 4:30am.  Since I’m a morning person, this worked for me.


When gurus/expert marketers give you advice, listen to what they mean and why they want you to do what they are saying.  Then figure out how to do it in a way that works best for you.  Sometimes, you may have to do the method or advice exactly to get the desired end result, but many times suiting it to fit you will have you achieving far more success.

Understand the WHAT and the WHY and figure out the HOW that works best for you and your situation.

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