Dan Sullivan  Avoid the GapIn the US, Memorial Day is all about looking back at those people in the military who have sacrificed to give us our freedom.  It’s about being thankful for not only those from the past but also those in our present.

In our lives we need to not only focus on our future goals but look at our past accomplishments.  Focus on how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished thus far.  Stop the continual feelings of failure by looking at how far you are from your goals.  We all spend too much time downplaying our skills, what we have to offer others and what we have accomplished.

Dan Sullivan’s book  Learning How To Avoid The Gap explores this concept in much greater detail.  This is a must read for those of us who are looking to build lifetime happiness…  that should be EVERYONE.   In this small 32 page book, Dan discusses the concepts of how to handle accomplishments, goal, motivation and The Gap between our accomplishments and our goals.

Be thankful for what you’ve learned and the experiences from your past that have made you who you are.  And be thankful for the present, for where you are, what you have accomplished and who you have to share it with.

Don’t ever overlook the people in your life.  When my mom passed away, my dad was never the same.  He was so consumed in missing my mom and being miserable, that he overlooked the people in his life that loved him.   Don’t make that mistake!

Once you are thankful for your past, present and future, you’ll really appreciate the success you’re about to have or are currently having.  And if your past was ugly, then you can  be very THANKFUL that it is behind you.

Now, besides being thankful, this is how I spent my Memorial Day….

To Your Success!

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