It’s easy to make excuses not to make videos.  It’s too hard, I don’t have the right equipment, I don’t know what I’m doing, I’ll look like an idiot.

Well, we are going to get rid of all of those excuses by showing you how to create quick cell phone videos, upload them to Youtube and put them on your blog.

myfreezervideoThe easiest way to record your video using your camera is to hold it at arms length, record and talk.  The other way is to put your cell phone on a stand or tripod.

And if you don’t have a tripod or stand, then you can be creative…or a little trashy.  This is a picture of what I did to record my videos before I bought a tripod.

I used painters tape and taped my phone to the freezer.  I then taped my script around it and started recording.  It wasn’t pretty but it got the job done.

Hint:  Remember to turn your phone sideways to use the entire screen for your picture.  You can move the camera to video within the camera.  And you can switch the phone to record either side of the phone.  (All these features may not be available depending on the age of your phone).

phoneonfreezer2After recording 4 or 5 videos this way, I bought myself a $18 flexible tripod from Amazon.  I went with the flexible one because the legs can hold onto things so I don’t have to have somewhere level to set the tripod.  But any tripod that can hold a cell phone will work.

Once you have recorded your video (I usually have to do a few takes), I upload it to Dropbox because it is too large to email.  Dropbox is free online storage that you can use.  I can then download my video to my desktop and edit it if needed.  You can also directly upload it to Youtube from your phone, just make sure to fill out the video description.

If you don’t want to be on camera and want to do a screen capture video then you can also do that with some free software like Snagit or Screencast-o-matic.  Although screen capture videos are great, your audience or fans will be more open to like and trust you if they see that you are a real person.  So I encourage you to make at least a couple of “talking head” videos where you are on camera.

No Perfection Please

Don’t try to make your video perfect.  People aren’t perfect and most people will connect with you better if your video isn’t motion picture quality.  Not to say that you shouldn’t take the time to try and make it good.  Just don’t overdo it.

You can edit your video if you want with either Camtasia which is a little more expensive or use a free product like Windows Movie Maker.   You can also do some minor editing within Youtube.

Let’s Load It Up

OK, so now you are ready to upload your video to Youtube or whatever other video site you want to.  Here’s a quick video on how to load up onto Youtube.

Now get out there and start creating videos and uploading them to start branding yourself and getting traffic to your websites.

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