Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Update

This is my update on the Quick Start Challenge for week 2.  It’s been super busy for me, but I did complete my challenge.  Although I could have been more aggressive in my traffic generation.  Two down and two to go.

Tip: Turn your phone sideways when recording to get a full screen video instead of what you see above. I need to take my own advice…

10 thoughts on “Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Update

    1. Hey Chris,

      I think a lot of people that are trying to make money online have a similar experience. You’d think we’d learn from others.

      I guess we each have to figure it out for ourselves.

      Yes, I was fortunate to make a few dollars but consistent income online is my goal. And I assume it is yours too as we are both in the QSC 🙂


  1. Hi Leslie,

    Thanks to you I learned why the video of some others Quick Start Challenge as well as yours looked with the black on both sides of the screen. That’s great when you don’t want to show too much when recording and want to keep it private.
    Like the design of your blog too. Hope your coach/mentor helps you succeed online.

    Just get started – Newbies Guide
    Rafael Garcia recently posted…How to Create a Youtube Video and Publish to Your blogMy Profile

    1. Glad I could help Rafael. I just happen to stumble onto the answer by trying different recording angles with my phone.

      Also if the lighting is really low, the video appears to be slower then the audio. At least that has been my experience.


  2. Ha ha, thanks for the tip about turning the phone sideways! I didn’t realise it would look this way until I watched your video. I’m sure we will live and learn. Good luck, Lezlie.

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