newspaperWhen I started my blog there were several questions that I asked as I was getting started.  So I thought if I asked them, then everyone who has started a blog must have also asked these same questions or at least some of them.  That brought me to the writing of this post.

For those of you who are thinking about starting a blog or have just begun your blog, you’ll need the answers to these big blogging problems.  Some you may have already answered yourself or gotten different answers then I offer, but I know you’ll pick up some little tidbit that will help you with your blog.

I also provide several GREAT RESOURCES from other bloggers who go into the answers in either more detail then I do or who have a different take on the question and answer.  Someone told me it makes them feel like they’re back in college with reference material.  But seriously, the links are more exciting then college…ok maybe not, but they are definitely worth checking out!

What Do I Write About?

There is a lot to write about.  Your experiences online would be a great place to start.  I know I have a tendency to  minimize what I know and how it can help others.  And I’m not alone.  Don’t downplay what you’ve learned through your experiences.  Share them.

You can also do some research by looking at popular blogs and see what they are writing about.  Don’t copy their articles, but you can get ideas for a post for your own blog.  You can find a list of popular blogs by searching on Google for “top blogs” or “best blogs” and your niche.  There is also a site that tracks the most influential marketing blogs.  You can check out the latest posts and get some ideas on what to write.

I’d also look on facebook for some popular marketing groups and see what they are talking about or check out forums and see what the latest conversations are.  This is a great way to get current topics to blog about.

There are different kinds of posts or ways for you to present your content in a post.  You can do an infographic, a video, a list, a review, a how-to/instructional, a case study, a controversal or rant post, guest post, podcast, or a personal post.


Where Do I Get Graphics & Pictures?

Wordpress BlogGraphics are a must for your blog posts!  People like to look at pictures and using pictures, charts or even Memes can help get across your point, make your post more shareable and entertain your visitors.

You can find images on various sites around the internet.  Some images you have to pay for while many are free.  You can explore compfight, pixabay, stock.xchng, flickrmorgueFile or do a search on Google for images.  You can also create Memes with Meme Generator.

The most important thing when you’re using images is to follow the licensing or copyright terms for the image.  It is not always as easy as giving credit to the author/photographer.  So, make sure when you want to use an image that you comply with the license agreement.

And if you want to make edits to the photos and you are in compliance with the licensing then two free photo editing software that you might want to try are Gimp and


How Do I Embed Videos?

If you’re not using videos you should be.  Video is out of many peoples “comfort zone”, but it is definitely something that will help grow your blog audience and it let’s people get to know you better.  After all, who doesn’t love a good video.

You can either do a video where you talk into the camera or you can do powerpoint slides where you talk over the slides.   There are many different types of videos but once you get a video, you want to imbed it into your blog.

Upload your video to Youtube.  You can mark your video private or public on Youtube to control who can see it.    Pull up the video on Youtube.  Below the video click “Share”, then click “Embed”.  Copy all the code that appears in the box starting with <iframe.  Copy it to your new post page under the text tab where you want the video to appear.

There are many embed controls you can use when putting your videos on your blog.  I often add ?rel=0&vq=hd1080 to the end of my videos, so the video will automatically play in high def and there will be no related videos shown at the end of my video.

It looks something like this:

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


How Do I Get Help With My Blog?

There are a lot of places to get help with whatever  problem you are having with your blog.  Fiverr will cost you $5 for most fixes, while odesk will cost you a little bit more.  There are other services out there that you can get help also.

If you are looking for design help, you may want to look at  It’ll cost you about $19 and they’ll finish it usually within a hour.

I’d also check with people inside any Facebook groups you may be involved with.  Many times people may be able to help you directly or have a referral for you.


How Do I Put Up An Opt-in Form?

An opt-in form is essential for building a list.  And YES, you do need to be building a list.  Everytime you turn around, someone is telling you to build a list.   A list is a must no matter what niche you are in.

In order to create an opt-in form, you’ll need an autoresponder.  An autoresponder will manage your list and allow you to send emails to the subscribers on your list.  AWeber and GetResponse are two of the more popular autoresponders.  There is a small monthly fee for their services.

You can create the opt-in form within which ever autoresponder you choose.  Then copy the code created when you did the form.  Paste that code into your blog post or blog sidebar (inside the widget area).  There are plugins that are available for creating your opt-in form also.   Or you can create a custom opt-in form.  For the custom version or the plugins, you’ll still need the form code from your autoresponder.


How Do I Get Traffic To My Blog?

Blogging Construction SignIt doesn’t matter how good the content is on your blog if no one sees it.  You might as well be talking to yourself.  A guideline I heard was blogging should be 20% content creation and 80% promotion.

Getting traffic is a problem that is only solved in two ways…time or money! 

You can either pay for pay per click ads (facebook or adwords) or you can spend your time getting traffic by putting in the time and not reaching into your wallet.

Free traffic methods include blog and forum commenting.    You can add social buttons to your blog so people can share it.  Share your new content with those on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+.

Create videos and put on Youtube with a link back to your blog.  Work on getting your videos and blog post ranked.

Put your blog posts on document sharing sites and blog sharing sites like Scoop.It, Technorati, Alltop, Slideshare and BlogEngage.  You can also blog about or reference online influencers and let them know you have mentioned them in your post.  Many of them will then share your content, if it is good, with their lists.  Don’t abuse this or it will backfire!

You can use OnlyWire and bookmark your posts and if you have a list, make sure you let your list know when you have created a new post.

Tip:  Encourage commenting on your blog posts…ask for comments!  And then reply to each comment you get.  It will then look like to a new visitor that your blog is very active and they will be more interested in what everyone is talking about.  This will cause them to return to find out what’s coming up next.

Whichever method of traffic generation you choose, you’ll need to be consistent.  And remember, if your blog isn’t appealing to look at and your content doesn’t add value, your traffic won’t stick around long and they won’t come back.


How Do I Make Money From My Blog?

There are several ways you can make money with your blog but you must have visitors to your blog first and a steady stream of them.  Once you have hungry fans to your blog then you will start to see the money.

You can advertise on your blog, review affiliate products, sell your own products, recommend the tools that you use, Adsense ads, Banner Ads, get paid to set up others blogs and get paid to mentor other bloggers.  You also can promote to your subscriber list that you’ve built through your blog.

You can also consolidate your blog content, create an ebook and sell it.  This is not meant to be an exhaustive list.  Explore other’s blogs and see what they are doing.


Blogging Problems Solved!

No matter what you post about or how you post it, remember to be yourself.  Let people get to know you, not some fake persona that you put out there.  You are interesting!  And this goes without say, but I’ll say it anyway… BE HONEST and SINCERE!  Don’t adhere to the saying “Fake it ’til you make it”.

My final thought on this subject is ALWAYS PROVIDE VALUE!  You are looking to help your reader or maybe just entertain them or maybe make them think about a subject in a different way.

No matter what you do, have fun with it.

Additional Resources:
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